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The profiled route was developed for supervisors and managers without qualifcations but with sufficient experience to do the job. For more information please contact us.

We have introduced online payment, so you can now make the payment for you test,card,book or cd via our website.
Advice on what test & card to apply
Book Health and Safety Test in 12 languages
Application for CSCS Card
DVD in 10 languages for the Health & Safety test
Books for the Health & Safety Test
Waiver form for insufficient ID for test
Fast Track for the CSCS Card
Fast Track for the Health & Safety Test
Great Solution is a company established to help people that are from abroad to work and live in the Great Britain. It is not designated for people that come from oveseas only.Our different services are designed to get you working in construction industry either you are in England,Northern Ireland,Wales, Scotland,Ireland or any part of the World
Great Solution tried and succeed always to provide a quality service to the clients that we were in touch ,also these clients refered us many times to other people.
UK is a multicultural country and because of this we try to speak to everybody in their language to ease them in the process of achieving their service