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Created in 2009, Great Solution rapidly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality construction training courses. This was recognised by local schools, employers, people wanting to start their own businesses and those wanting to repair or renovate their houses.


Our Clients

Great Solution tried and succeed always to provide a quality service to the clients that we were in touch ,also these clients refered us many times to other people.

UK is a multicultural country and because of this we try to speak to everybody in their language to ease them in the process of achieving their service




Great Solution is one of the country’s leading Construction Training providers.

… a description which has been earned by years of devotion to the most important people we know – our customers.Great Solution is a company recognised by construction workers across the country.

… because of our ability to help people get back onto building sites as soon as possible using our “Fast Track” route .  This approach has given hundreds of people the ability to get their Blue “Skilled Worker” Construction Card, leading to work with more pay and the ability to use their skills anywhere in the world.


What's New

Great Solution has helped hundreds of people get into the trades.

Unlike most training providers, Great Solution makes sure you get not only the trade skills you need to start up a construction business, but the personal and business skills as well – as part of your training course and without extra charge.

 Once you come to Great Solution, our only interest is helping you to succeed.


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